the needlecraft stylings of a new york pop culture junkie.


the needlecraft stylings of a new york pop culture junkie.

20 years ago, Live Through This was released. Will be wearing my vest with my hand-embroidered backpatch tonight in your honor.
Happy 10th anniversary, Shaun of the Dead! 
A sense of what’s to come… 

Been busy the past two months doing some simple commissions for friends and some replicas for Etsy customers and people that stopped by the Dunwell show. I am hoping to have some new work going in April! Backpatches, maybe more portraits, a commemorative Harold Ramis piece, something to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, lots to do!


Finally finished filling in this Boris Karloff portrait! (Photo via my Instagram)

Don’t Panic

One of mine! Thank you for posting! In the future, I’d like to do something more imaginative and conceptual from the film or book’s imagery. On the list!

100 followers! wow! thank you!




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I should carry this with me. Love it.

a resolution for this year is to push myself to do more decorative/ambitious stitches whenever possible. i definitely have this chart saved somewhere. practicing my lazy daisies soon!
"Trust No One"Hand embroidery on cotton7”Mackenzie Mollo, 2014
Edition of 5
adding ‘phil connors’ to my list of things to broid in the not-too-distant future. in the meantime, i’m going to bust out my official punxsutawney phil cookie cutter and celebrate hard.
Just got commissioned to stitch this. Stoked.
15. January 2014

Just received two custom work requests this week, one for a Sherlock season 3 piece, and one for a Twin Peaks portrait. Looking forward to working on these and posting some more new work soon! 

(By the way, if you’re interested in custom work, please feel free to email me at!)

Finally finished this! Will list it in my shop sometime this weekend.