News - October 2013

Some updates:

  • Sent in my application to vend at this year’s Degenerate Craft Fair! I should know whether I’ve been accepted or not by the 28th (…the day before my birthday).
  • Also applied to be in the Cotton Candy Machine’s “Brooklyn Biennial Submissional”.
  • Still have NO IDEA what to put up/make for my installation at Dunwell Doughnuts….aliens? monsters? icons? 
  • 40% done with my first X-Files pattern (3 more to go! I re-did the stitching on that UFO probably 4 times til I was happy with it.)
  • Tentative shooting date of November 2nd to get some nicer photos of pieces just finished/in progress/that I still have with me. Not about to send iPhone photos to galleries…